Tree Pruning

There are many forms of pruning for many different species in many different scenarios, here at BPL we offer a comprehensive solution for your pruning needs.

  • Formative pruning – usually undertaken on a young tree, it has 4 main functions 1) to enhance form and improve structure or to directionally shape the young tree 2) to reduce the development of structural weaknesses 3) as a precursor to more specialised pruning 4) to accommodate site constraints and reduce encroachments on utilities or buildings as the tree grows
  • Reduction pruning- the removal of the ends of branches to lower the internal lateral branches or stems in order to reduce the height and or spread of the tree
  • Selective pruning – the removal of identified or specified branches
  • Remedial pruning – the removal of damaged, diseased or lopped branches back to undamaged tissue in order to induce the production of shoots from latent or adventitious buds, from which a new crown will be established
  • Crown maintenance – is pruning that does not reduce the volume of the crown but retains the structure and size of the tree
  • Crown thinning- the selective removal of branches that does alter the overall size of the tree
  • Dead wooding- the removal of dead branches
  • Crown lifting – the removal of the lower branches, whether they be lateral (flat) or ascending (pointing up)