Tree Removal

Tree removal is what BPL ultimately specialises in. There is no tree that we can’t remove safely. We understand the hazardous risks posed by trees in certain situations, and the need for safe, efficient and cost effective removal. We provide our removal service where there is:

  • Insect/pest damage/disease - A tree infected and damaged from disease caused by insects and other pests calls for a quick removal to restore health to your garden.
  • Natural decay/death - Natural destruction of trees over time is a common reason for removal.
  • Hazard/obstruction - The dangers to individuals and property from trees when they are obstructions calls for immediate removal to ensure your safety.
  • Soil/garden issues - When certain trees encroach on the soil nutrients of other garden vegetation, this can be reason for removal.
  • Overgrown roots - overgrown roots can act as a hazard, causing damage to individuals and property (drainage pipes, pavement, etc).
  • Aesthetics/convenience - Removal of trees for aesthetic purposes is another reason for using our tree removal services.